IQ and Knowledge Games


You are not expected to know all the answers, if you do not know just guess.

Its just fun to test yourself and possibly learn something new about the world we live in.

Many of the I.Q. questions can have multiple answers, depending on the type of test.

Before You Start

It is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to write down the answers for each page.

When you have got all your answers on that page,
click the "Check Your Answers" link at the botton to see the correct answers, and mark yours.

Some tests provide a rating system to show how well you have done.

Teasers - Part 3

  1. Two cyclists approach each other on a straight road.
    They are pedalling at 15 miles per hour.
    When they are 30 miles apart a horsefly settles on one bicycle, then dashes to the other.
    It flies back and forth between the two at 20 miles per hour until the riders meet.
    How far did the horsefly travelled ?

  2. In just five seconds can you give three numbers that when added together equal the same number when multiplied together.

  3. A tramp finds himself out of cigarettes, He looks around for stubs, having learnt that seven stubs make a cigarette as good as new.
    He collects 49 stubs. If he smokes one cigarette every 45 minutes of an hour, how long will his supply last ?

  4. How far can a dog run into a forest ?

  5. A man travels to work on a circular railway.
    His office is diagonally opposite his home.
    In one direction at 40 miles an hour it takes an hour and 20 minutes.
    In the other direction at the same speed it takes 80 minutes.
    Why ?

  6. There are five apples in a basket, and five people in the room.
    How can you give one apple to each person and still have one left in the basket ?

  7. A fractions problem. A farmer has 3and 7/9ths haystacks in one corner and 4 and 6/15ths haystacks in the other.
    If he puts them all together, how many haystacks will he have ?

  8. Present are an MP, Broker, Lawyer and a Doctor.
    Their names (not in the same order) are Alfred, Alexander, Albert and Aloysius.
    Alfred and the Broker are on bad terms with the Albert.
    Alexander was on the best terms with the Doctor.
    Albert was related to the Lawyer.
    The MP was a good friend of Aloysius and the Doctor.
    Can you pair up the Professionals with their names ?

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