IQ and Knowledge Games


You are not expected to know all the answers, if you do not know just guess.

Its just fun to test yourself and possibly learn something new about the world we live in.

Many of the I.Q. questions can have multiple answers, depending on the type of test.

Before You Start

It is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to write down the answers for each page.

When you have got all your answers on that page,
click the "Check Your Answers" link at the botton to see the correct answers, and mark yours.

Some tests provide a rating system to show how well you have done.

Battle of the Sexes

Is it possible to tell a man from a woman be their reaction to everyday situations ?
It is said that psychologists can.
This next test is designed to identify if you can think like a Man or a Woman.
Answer MAN or WOMAN to see if your right.

  1. Two people each take a chocolate.
    One eats the entire chocolate, the other bites a piece to see what is inside.
    Who is the biter ?

  2. At a party, a quest says that most people don't want to visit the moon.
    One listener agrees, citing opinion surveys.
    Another disagrees saying, "I don't think that's true, I want to go".
    Who judges other peoples reactions like that ?

  3. A husband and wife are in the living room while a sick baby is upstairs.
    One of them looks up and says, "You are worrying about the baby aren't you ?".
    "The doctor says he will be alright".
    Who was the first to notice the others concern ?

  4. A man and wife are dining in restaurant.
    One orders unusual dishes, the other sticks to familiar food.
    Who is the food adventurer ?

  5. The same couple enter a shop.
    On one side is an array of new products, one the other a display of familiar articles.
    Who is fascinated by the newer items ?

  6. Two shoppers go to the same store for new clothes.
    One asks the assistant for a particular garment and colour.
    But who asks vaguely for clothes ?

  7. The car's fuel gauge is dangerously low.
    One person in the car wants to stop straight away a fill up.
    The other wants to get to the next filling station, where it is cheaper.
    Who is willing to take a chance ?

  8. En route to a strange destination, a couple realize that they are lost.
    One wants to ask for directions, the other wants to cruise around looking.
    Who wants to cruise ?

  9. The garage attendant asks, "Check your oil and water ?".
    The motorist says, "not now, I'm in a hurry".
    The drivers spouse however waits for a check up.
    Who does not want to wait ?

  10. Three cars are stopped beside each other at a red light.
    As the lights change, one tries to beat the others away.
    Who is the racer ?

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