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Its just fun to test yourself, don't take it too seriously.

Are You A Scatterbrain

c or z
Score 7 you are normal in your perception, in your ability to interpret subtleties of speech and thought.
Score 8 you are sharper than most.
Score 9 you have an exceptional grasp of ideas than most.
Score 10 you are a philosopher.

a or y
Score any your a practicalminded person.
Score 2 you have a destinctly practical outlook.
Score 3 means that practicality is your outstanding characteristic.
More than 3 means that you might carry your practical minddeness to extreme which may effect you enjoyment of life.

b or w
These are scatterbrain choices.
They appeal to the person who cannot or will not concentrate and whose mind flits from one idea to another.
Score one does not mean much.
Score two hints at a frivolous streak.
Score 3 a scatterbrain.
Score 4 or more think hard about seriously drastically disciplining your mind.

d or x
Dominated by concepts of good and evil.
Such a person is likely to judge others on the terms of his own rigid moral principles.
On this test he can easily be attracted to an inaccurate answer merely because it seems like a noble sentiment.
Score 2 you may be a little more righteous than necessary.
Score 3 you need to loosen up a little.
Score 4 or more you may need spiritual advice.

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