IQ and Knowledge Games


You are not expected to know all the answers, if you do not know just guess.

Its just fun to test yourself and possibly learn something new about the world we live in.

Many of the I.Q. questions can have multiple answers, depending on the type of test.

Before You Start

It is a good idea to have a pen and paper handy to write down the answers for each page.

When you have got all your answers on that page,
click the "Check Your Answers" link at the botton to see the correct answers, and mark yours.

Some tests provide a rating system to show how well you have done.

Do you know your Saints ?

Which Saints do these clues make you think of.

  1. A London mainline railway station.
  2. A rescue dog.
  3. A fiery wheel on November 5th.
  4. Mast-head sparking on stormy night at sea.
  5. Helps bring the shy together every February.
  6. Chimney and the North Pole.
  7. King Wenceslas and Boxing Day.
  8. A nervous dance.
  9. A horse race.
  10. Napoleon's last days.
  11. Alphine pass and tunnel.
  12. Forty days.

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