IQ Aptitude Test

Understanding Words Instructions

Test2 is understanding the meaning of a phrase and choosing the correct answer from a choice of four words.

Here are a few Examples

  1. Boy is to Man as Girl is to
    a. Elephant, b. Children, c. Woman, d. Horse.
  2. Rock means
    a. Stone, b. Mountain, c. Roll, d. Water.
  3. Tractor is to Trailer as Horse is to
    a. Stable, b. Cart, c. Saddle, d. Engine.
  4. North is Opposite to
    a. South, b. East, c. Cold, d. Hot.
  5. What is a stable
    a. Pasture, b. Horse, c. Fountain, d. Building.

Example Answers
1: c
2: a
3: b
4: a
5: d

Now you ready to start the second test.

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