IQ Aptitude Test

Observation and Reasoning Instructions

This first test is designed to test your observation skills how well you can determine the next sequence od symbols indicated be red question marks.

Each sequence gets harder as you proceed through each question. There are 25 to do, and you should attempt them all before looking at the answers.

If a sequence test is too hard just move on the next one.

At the top of each page in Test 1 you will find a Toolbar with all the symbols and their associated letter. Letters are used to identify each symbol.

The test involves:

  1. Studying the each question.
  2. Identifying the correct symbols that are required to continue the sequence as marked by the red question marks.
  3. Then right down the letter than matches that symbol on the Toolbar.

Here is an example.

Progress and Scores:

There is link to the next page at the bottom of each page.
The final page link has a "Check Your Answers" link at the bottom.

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