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Our 10th Anniversary as a Friends Group in 2020

Due to Coronavirus we cannot hold events in the park, so have some fun with these tricky little tests.

Teasers 1
Teasers 2
Teasers 3
Are You A Murder Detective ?
Detective Investigations
So You Think Your Grown Up
Nature Fact or Fiction
Nature of the Beast
How Popular Are You ?
Battle of the Sexes
What Do You Know About Your Body ?
Are You A Scatterbrain ?

Added 6th September 2020

Teasers 4
Teasers 5
General Knowledge
British Royalty

Added 7th September 2020

Teasers 6
General Knowledge 2
Do You Know Your Saints ?

Coming Soon An I.Q.Test

IQ Introduction - 15th September 2020 - Only Test 1,2,3 and 6 are available at the moment.

Chinese Zodiac